The Stepford Wife

Once again it has been many months since my last post. This is partly because I am, at best, a sporadic blogger, but mostly because these past few months have been among the most hectic and life-changing months of my life.

Despite all my excitement for going back to the UK, that plan has been completely derailed by the advent of the man of my dreams. I met R at the beginning of March, and we have just announced our engagement. So, thanks to true love, I will be remaining in sunny South Africa for the foreseeable future.

I am very traditional in many ways, and the one way that this manifests is in my relationship. I am fully intending to be an absolute 50’s wife – not by decree, but by choice.

vintage housewife

I am supremely fortunate that I am able to work from home, at least most of the time, so I can be fulfilled in my career as well as my home life, and this enables me to bake and cook and clean etc to my heart’s content. Apparently I am much more of a nester than I thought. Our current abode, however, does not have much of a kitchen, which causes me quite a bit of distress, but I am overcoming the lack by creative use of a slow cooker and electric frying pan. I love to cook, and learning new methods is always fun. I am excited and enthusiastic about this step in my life, and very glad to have found someone who completely accepts me for who I am and complements me in every way.


The reason for this post is that the has been quite a lot of online chatter lately about the disparity between men and women and their representation in various forms of media and entertainment. Since my new hubby-to-be is an avid gamer and has infected me with a similar interest, we have been exposed to the front lines of the debate regarding gender representation and segregation. There are a number of rabid misandrists out there who claim that men are purposefully degrading and denigrating women in media. While this may be true to some extent, I find their reaction distasteful and unnecessary.

A large part of the argument is that many games do not have a female protagonist. To my mind, this makes no difference. I play because I enjoy the game, not because I want to be the character, although my favourite game (of the moment) is Diablo 3, which has a range of completely kick-ass chick characters, all of which I enjoy, although I find the witch doctor character a bit lame. The point is, however, that the gaming world is predominantly male, and the girl gamer is still a relatively new phenomenon. Give them a chance to catch up – there are many games with female leads and characters, but the point is still the game. Of course, the first exposure I had to gaming was years ago with Duke Nukem, so I kinda got used to the idea of a male lead.

Another recent development in this area is the regenderment of Thor. Yay for Marvel showing equal opportunity, blah blah blah; but my question is: what about my eye candy?! Despite my sci-fi fantasy preferences and strong geek tendencies, a large part of why I watch superhero movies is built topless guys (helllooooooo, Chis Hemsworth!). Since I’m straight, watching a chick in the role of Thor does not present the same appeal. Objectification of the opposite sex is not limited to men – I am very skilled in this myself. How many chicks will no longer watch these movies because the lead is not a hunky guy with an awesome weapon? #JustSaying


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