The Cold Cold Ground

So, my last post was about cold-brewed coffee and how amazing it looks. Thanks to Joy on a Shoestring, I have now found a recipe for making it myself at Food 52. Let the experimentation begin!!

I’ll be giving it a go this evening, using Thornton Coffee‘s Oribi Blend. So excited! I’ll let you know how it goes.



I done it!!!! I created cold brewed coffee, and it was good!

More caffeine, extra yummmms!! I had mine sweetened with raw honey, which I had to dissolve in some warm water first, but it was also awesome unsweetened. I kept waiting for the bitter aftertaste that you normally get from coffee that’s been cooled over night, and I’m still waiting.

I can imagine that it would be even better if one were to add flavourings such as cinnamon, cocoa or vanilla. Probably be AMAAAHZ served with Paleo Brownies.

Friends and family: prepare to be gifted with cold-brewed coffee from now on!