Fear and Judgement and a Case for the Renaming of Things

Changing words can change minds.

Joy on a Shoestring

This morning I had the pleasure of taking Goldilocks to school. I love doing this because, when it’s just the two of us, our conversations get … let’s call them interesting. She’s deep and thoughtful, and often a good sounding board for my more rudimentary philosophies.

We were talking this morning about judgement, and the defence of right and wrong. (You probably think you know where this is going. You don’t. (And did I mention that she’s 13?))

Let me share the conversation. (Another parentheses, I know. But I have to highlight the fact that I’m not embellishing what she said. These are her actual words. This is how she speaks – and thinks.)

Goldilocks: You know, all you need in life is three things: determination, imagination, and love. If you have these things, you don’t even really need courage. You can accomplish anything.
Me: Well, courage…

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Brand New Me


Not where I was, but definitely where I wish I had been!

Hey – I’m back! Miss me?

Much has happened since I last posted, most notably, I have decided to once more wing my way across the ocean back to England, where there is public transport, a living wage, and a slightly less openly ridiculous government.

There is also far more opportunity for travel, which is reason number one for going.

In order to achieve this goal, it was necessary to move back in with my sister so I could save money. This has both pros and cons, and I may possibly post on it some day. The biggest pro is that I can spend my last few months in the country with my favouritest people: my nieces. Also, despite big bitey dogs, my cat seems to have settled in better in one month in the new house than he ever did in the year and a half that I spent at my lovely little flat, so leaving him with the family will be much less of a worry.

I’ve also embraced my inner geek more than ever before (see my previous post) with the help of a wonderful group of equally geeky girls led by the inimitable Helga Pearson.

Towards the end of last year I was also unable to post due to having all my writing brain occupied by crafting submissions for the Nova Science Fiction Fantasy Short Story Competition. Although I didn’t win, apparently one of my stories is highly recommended – so go me! Both the stories I submitted are available to read here.

So, that’s me. What’s happening with you?