The Road Goes Ever On and On

In order to demonstrate my worthiness of receiving a Jeep so that I can travel the world, I will now proceed to relate what I plan to do in order to prepare for this undertaking.

  • Step 1: Learn self-defence so that the pirates in Somalia don’t get me. (Yay! Another reason to do Krav Maga!)
  • south-african-passportStep 2: Get passport up to date (Errrm, kinda let mine lapse 5 years ago – better head down to Home Affairs and get it sorted)
  • Step 3: Learn basic geography
  • Step 4: Learn a couple more languages (Swahili, French, Portuguese, Greek, Italian, German, Spanish, Mandarin. That should do!)
  • Step 5: Invest in huge canister jobbies for transporting fuel and water. Label them carefully so that I don’t confuse fuel and water.
  • Step 6: Acquire a shotgun and the skills to use it (yet another good reason to go on this trip!)
  • Step 7: Investigate Global WiFi hotspots. Or satellite uplink thingy.
  • Hypodermic-SyringeStep 8: Get my immunisations (is there one for Zombieism yet?)
  • Step 9: Invest in a proper digital camera (or get one sponsored – @Nikon: you interested?)
  • Step 10: Find that co-pilot/mechanic. Any offers yet? (Own sonic screwdriver required)